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About Me


Hi, I'm Holly.

I'm a therapist, a human, & a believer in change.

We're all innately resilient and have the ability to heal.

I'm an OC native & your local psychedelic assisted therapist, too.

I'm here to be your guide.

In our sessions I provide a safe, caring and non-judgmental space. My style is genuine, compassionate, curious, and direct (& a sense of humor never hurts). I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy because at some point or another we may have been disappointed, hurt, or traumatized. These experiences leave us with wounded parts that need healing. We often end up with patterns that may be no longer serving us.

I want to help you create clear goals, uncover your stuck points, and rewrite limiting beliefs. My goal is to help you take action and create the life you want to live.


I specialize in working with adults who are in transition. Individuals who I see often tell me they feel stuck and want to live a more authentic life. I have experience working those who struggle with anxiety, self esteem & self worth issues, depression, relationship patterns, spirituality, perinatal issues. I particularly enjoy working with new moms or mothers-to-be and those trying to conceive. I support mothers through the ups and downs of  postpartum and identity issues surrounding becoming a mother.
I typically utilize a process called IFS (internal family systems) to help clients identify the various and often conflicting parts of themselves with the goal of unburdening limiting beliefs, practicing self compassion, and ultimately living from your highest Self. 

I also practice using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing). This is a highly effective bottom up approach to treating trauma and moving through emotional blockages. In addition, I offer KAP or Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. To learn more about KAP, please visit the KAP tab on my site for more info. 

I look forward to getting to know you!

With love, Holly

Fees & Insurance:

I am out of network with most insurance providers. I offer superbills upon request so that you can submit claims to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Please inquire directly about rates for therapy and KAP


Bachelor's in Psychology, UCLA

Master's in Marriage & Family Therapy, Alliant International University

IFS & EMDR Trained

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